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Our method

Our solution in 2 steps

1 - Pilot
Determine if Shizen fits the user need for deployment
2- Deployment
Support teams in the field


Initiation of the project: Determine the structure of the pilot in terms of human organization (roles and responsibilities), material and temporal.

Preparing for the launch: Training of ambassadors and users involved in the pilot, configuration of the client’s accounts, then testing and validation of the configuration for a smooth launch.

Launch and Coaching: Pilot teams are beginning to use Shizen on a daily basis, while maintaining tracking points and coaching in the field.

Preparation for deployment: confirmation of the effectiveness of the Shizen solution at the customer in order to be able to move to the deployment phase.

The objective of the pilot is to determine if Shizen meets user needs in order to prepare for deployment.


Continuity of the pilot: For the deployment, it is important to take over the configuration and training of Shizen by the teams carried out during the pilot.

User training: Train users on an account already set up to allow them to project themselves into daily use and their needs

Team support and autonomy: Implementation of team training in order to subsequently make them autonomous on the software while supporting them throughout the deployment.

The benefits of conducting a pilot
before full deployment

Unlimited access to the Shizen resource center to train your teams.
Train your teams and ambassadors to ensure sustainable global deployment.
Set and achieve your outperformance goals with Shizen boosts.
Consider a serene deployment thanks to a solution tested and approved by your teams
Be able to properly configure your system so that it corresponds perfectly to your use

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