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Shizen helps manufacturers to eradicate 3 times more problems, thanks to a structuring of information and communications.

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2 X
more problems
2 X
less times for preparation
of rituals
carried out

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Our customer testimonials

"Digitalization has saved managers time in their daily lives and increased responsiveness to anomalies. Managers have increased their skills in solving problems with the use of tools (5 Whys, Ishikawa)."
Jérémy Brunet and Mathieu Schneider

"If it's taken away from me, I'll be really unhappy. I've found a way of working through my problems that I didn't have before and that's really appreciated."

“A real advantage of Shizen is being able to control the software from anywhere, I can consult information from where I want and when I want and that's really what I was looking for from the start.”

"Shizen is a complete tool and its very structured approach allowed us to quickly disseminate best practices in performance management and Lean management. We are convinced that digital is a way to support teams in this process."

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